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Weekend 12/21 and 12/22: Whales, Frogs, and Poison

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Don't miss the last few weeks of some very special exhibitions, which close on January 5: Frogs: A Chorus of Colors and Whales: Giants of the Deep. And The Power of Poison, now open, is sure to intrigue. 

Last Weeks: Whales: Giants of the Deep

What are whales? Well, they're mammals, first off. They can be massive, as you'll see if you inspect the gigantic sperm-whale skeletons at the center of this special exhibition. And for centuries, humans have revered them—and, often, hunted them. Find out all about whales in the exhibition. (You can also climb into a full-scale model of a blue whale's heart.)

Whale Heart DL Crop

Tickets here.

See It Now: Frogs: A Chorus of Colors

Who can resist the jewel-like yellow, blue, orange, or bumblebee-striped live frogs in this beloved exhibition? Children will be fascinated (grown-ups, too).


DL Visitors in Frogs: Chorus of Colors

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Evocative Exhibition: The Power of Poison

And don't forget to try out The Power of Poison. In the show, there are mysteries to solve (via iPad); a live theater where you can learn the history of poison-detection; and a section devoted to poison in myth and legend, including familiar children's tales like "Alice in Wonderland" and "Snow White." 

Visitors with Enchanted Book
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Purchase tickets and learn more about the exhibition here.