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Weekend Roundup: Amazing Amazonian Animals

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From rushing rivers that shape the Earth’s ecosystems to vast oceans that hold as much mystery as the depths of space, the Museum is taking a deep dive into the world’s waters this week, and you can join us—no wetsuit required.

On Sunday, April 9, the Milstein Science Series presents Amazing Amazon, a science festival for the whole family. Visitors will learn all about this rain forest—and the river that runs through it—through conversations with scientists and hands-on activities.


Colorful amazon tree frog sits on a tropical leaf.

Find out what a newly discovered coral reef could mean for the region from one of the researchers who found it. Explore the leafy canopy through a virtual reality headset. And meet an incredible lineup of live animals including a sloth, an anteater, a macaw, and more, starting at 11 am in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life.

Download the full schedule:


Three jellyfish swim underwater.

Wondering how you’re going to spend spring break? The Milstein Science Series has you covered there, too. Starting Monday, April 10, you can take a surprisingly soothing dip into the underwater world of jellies in The Jelly Dome.*

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of life on land and get a taste of how these astonishing invertebrates experience the world courtesy of an immersive dome experience.

* Milstein Hall of Ocean Life hours subject to change. Check the calendar page for a weekly schedule.


Humpback Whales-IMAX

Humpback Whales-IMAX

Want to tour the world’s oceans alongside animals with a little more backbone? Visit the LeFrak Theater any day to see our latest giant-screen film, Humpback Whales. With multiple screenings every day in 2D and 3D, there’s never a bad time to meet these massive marine mammals.

And all that’s just this weekend. There’s a lot more happening this month, including conversations with scientists, lively debates, and even a dance party!

If you’re having trouble keeping track—and who could blame you!—check out our monthly guide to what’s happening. We can’t wait to see you!