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Who’s Your Science Inspiration?

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Elanor Sterling
Chief Conservation Scientist Eleanor Sterling pictured in her office at the Museum. 

Remember the person who sparked your interest in science? Several Museum scientists, educators, and students recently shared stories about the women who inspired them to pursue their careers in science for the #ScienceWoman project by Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls and PBS Digital Studios. 

First up: the Museum’s Chief Conservation Scientist Eleanor Sterling discusses how Dame Alison Richard (who was presented with an honorary degree from the Richard Gilder Graduate School at its inaugural commencement in 2013) changed her career path. Sitting in on just a single class with the noted biological anthropologist moved Dr. Sterling to rethink her major—then linguistics—and pursue conservation biology instead. 


Find out about other women who inspired some of the Museum’s scientists and educators in videos from Curator Susan Perkins, graduate student Carly Tribull, researcher Jackie Faherty, and educator Emilie Wolf.