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Creatures of Light Offers Window Into Bioluminescent World

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Visitors can learn more by interacting with iPads, which offer engaging videos, animations, photographs, and additional in-depth content about bioluminescence and related phenomena designed exclusively for Creatures of Light. © AMNH/D. Finnin

The Museum’s latest exhibition, which lets visitors explore a series of ecosystems that sparkle with radiant creatures, is a uniquely immersive experience.

En route to the deep-sea homes of luminous fishes, visitors walk through a field of flashing fireflies, explore caves strung with jewel-like glowworms, and “wade” through a digital bioluminescent bay that glitters underneath each step. Overhead, a symphonic soundtrack composed by Tom Phillips helps set a distinct mood for each section, contributing to a magical setting in what Edward Rothstein of The New York Times called “a thoroughly engrossing exhibition.”

In addition to seeing larger-than-life models that glimmer with scientific precision, visitors can also encounter live flashlight fish and single-celled dinoflagellates luminescing in tanks. “The overall effect, with all the organisms flashing and sparkling in the dark, is that of a light show from another planet,” wrote Peter Genovese in The Star-Ledger.

An expansive, interactive coral wall, which features photographs taken on a recent field expedition to the Bloody Bay Wall in the Cayman Islands, is just one example of cutting-edge research that visitors can see in Creatures of Light. “Much of the exhibition, which is sure to appeal to both children and adults, is state of the art,” writes Jacob E. Osterhout in New York Daily News. Some of that state-of-the-art sparkle comes from iPad stations placed throughout the exhibition, which offer visitors of all ages additional information, graphics, photos, and videos that explain how bioluminescence works, how scientists study it, and where it is found.

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