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Frontiers Lecture: The Greatest Story Ever Told So Far

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The Hubble Deep Field image of galaxies, with the Museum's podcast logo overlaid on top.

The fundamental laws of the universe are not what we think or perceive—they are weird, wild, and counterintuitive. We all experience the world in a way that is shielded from the deeper realities underlying everyday phenomena. The story of scientist’s efforts to uncover these hidden realities involves the greatest intellectual journey ever taken by humans. A tale ripe with drama and surprise, it has implications for our understanding of space and time, our origins, and our future, ultimately addressing that fundamental question: Why are we here?

Join famed theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss for a journey through the unexpected fabric of reality, where fact is often stranger than fiction.

This lecture took place at the Hayden Planetarium on March 23, 2017.



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