SciCafe: Explore21 - Papua New Guinea


SciCafe: Explore21 - Papua New Guinea

In the fall of 2014, a team of vertebrate specialists from the Museum headed to one of the most remote areas in the world in search of new species and specimens on the Explore21 Papua New Guinea expedition. In this SciCafe, Brett Benz, Paul Sweet, and Christopher Raxworthy talk about the discoveries they made, as well as the adventures they had along the way.

This SciCafe took place at the Museum on March 3, 2015. 



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Watch a video version of this lecture here: 

The Museum’s Explore21 Initiative is supported by the leadership contributions of Katheryn P. and Thomas L. Kempner, Jr., and Linda R. and William E. Macaulay.

The SciCafe series is proudly sponsored by Judy and Josh Weston.