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Research posts Analyzing Radiocarbon in Coral, Researchers Look Back On 400 Years of Monsoons East Asian Monsoon patterns from 1584–1950 provide a way to evaluate long-term changes in important climate phenomena. May 15, 2019 Research posts Paleontologist Melanie Hopkins Awarded National Science Foundation CAREER Grant Award will go toward trilobite evolution studies and a new Earth science teacher development program. April 29, 2019 Research posts Crustaceans Evolved 100 Million Years Earlier Than Thought, Study Finds Researchers used genomic analysis to reveal that decapods, a group of 15,000 crustacean species, evolved 450 million years ago. April 18, 2019 Research posts Unusual Genome of Tube Anemones Surprises Researchers Size and shape of fragmented linear mitogenome of tube anemones (Ceriantharia) takes researchers by surprise. April 15, 2019 Research posts New Study Finds Extinct Weasel Relative’s Skull Resembled American Badger’s Find out how advanced CT imaging and biomechanical modeling helped scientists learn more about an extinct weasel. March 13, 2019 Research posts Crocodiles’ Last Meal Reveals Three New Extinct Species New research finds three mammal species endemic to the Cayman Islands went extinct after the arrival of European settlers. March 6, 2019 Research posts Museum Researcher Describes What May Be Oldest Ape Teeth on Record A study led by Museum paleoanthropologist Ashley Hammond confirms Kamoyapithecus hamiltoni was an ape. February 28, 2019 Research posts Astronomers Discover 3-Billion-Year-Old Ringed White Dwarf A crowdsourced space survey uncovers an ancient ringed white dwarf that offers new insight into our solar system. February 21, 2019 Research posts How Did Flight Change Brain Shape in Dinosaurs? Research by Museum research associates finds brain shape is likely affected by the acquisition of flight. December 19, 2018 Research posts Is the Northern Cardinal One Species, Or Many? Research from Museum scientists analyzed genetics and songs to see if Northern Cardinal populations are different species. December 13, 2018 Research posts Ancient DNA Reveals Extinct Jamaican Monkey Related to South American Species New research from Museum scientists found that Xenothrix mcgregori was most closely related to South America’s titi monkeys. November 15, 2018 Research posts Within Ape Species, Varied Skull Shapes Reflect Genetic History By analyzing ape genetics and skull shapes, a new study by Museum researchers found an evolutionary pattern that could aid the study... November 2, 2018
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