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Research posts A New Way to Study Extinct Animals’ Diets A one-size-fits-all assumption for analyzing ancient plant-eating mammals’ diets has been used for decades. Museum researchers propose... June 27, 2018 Research posts New Species of Snail-Eating Snakes Discovered in Ecuador and Peru Modified jaws let these snakes slurp their favorite food. June 14, 2018 Research posts Study Finds Some Malaria Parasites May Need New Names Researchers discover deadly malaria genus Plasmodium includes several distantly related groups. May 23, 2018 Research posts Does Green Blood Give Some Lizards an Edge? Research from Curator Susan Perkins and colleagues on a toxic green bile pigment that turns lizards’ blood lime-green may have implications... May 15, 2018 Research posts After a Wet Winter, Tracking Flamingo Populations in the Andes A Museum conservation biologist went back for an annual survey and saw a new flamingo nesting colony in a previously dry area of... April 27, 2018 Research posts Alga? Squid? Rare Ancient Fossil Finally Identified as a Ray Researchers have re-classified a one-of-a-kind, 70-million-year-old fossil specimen as an ancient cartilaginous fish. April 17, 2018 Research posts Fossil Brain Case Reveals New Insights About Ancient Shark Researchers reconstructed the internal canals of a 320-million-year-old shark’s teeth, which look similar to those of modern sharks... March 19, 2018 Research posts Leeches’ Blood Meals Can Be Used to Track Regional Biodiversity New study confirms DNA collected from leeches can be used to identify a region’s animals including, for the first time, birds and... March 1, 2018 Research posts New Model Predicts Cells That “Eat” Other Cells The model can quickly identify cells capable of phagocytosis, a mechanism thought to be an early step in the evolution of complex... February 20, 2018 Research posts The Giant North American Vinegaroon? It’s Actually Seven Different Species A new study identifies seven North American species of vinegaroons, also known as whip scorpions. Each produces a chemically unique... February 5, 2018 Research posts Even Cheetahs' Ears Are Built for Speed New research shows these high-speed hunters have a unique inner ear that helps them keep their balance—and their gaze locked on prey. February 2, 2018 Research posts New Dinosaur Named for Yeti of Mongolian Mythology Researchers described the bird-like dinosaur from the Gobi desert as a carnivore with large eyes, a large brain, long legs, and small... December 18, 2017
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