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Research posts 99-Million-Year-Old Amber Contains First Evidence That Ticks Fed on Dinosaurs A tick from the Cretaceous period, found preserved in amber with a feather, is the first fossil evidence that the ectoparasites fed... December 12, 2017 Research posts 155-Million-Year-Old Fossil Holds Clues About Land Animals’ Transition Back to Sea Newly discovered ancient marine reptile from the Late Jurassic called Vadasaurus was well adapted for hunting in water but retained... December 6, 2017 Research posts Extinct Gliding Mammal Changes Thinking About Ear Evolution The newly discovered mammal, a mouse-sized gliding animal from the Late Jurassic, has the earliest-known mammalian middle ear on... November 13, 2017 Research posts Catching the First Gravitational Waves from Neutron Stars Scientists have detected a spectacular collision of two neutron stars some 130 million light years away via gravitational waves and... October 16, 2017 Research posts A New Approach to Combating Illegal Wildlife Trafficking Researchers recommend bringing evolutionary biologists together with anthropologists and economists for a holistic view of wildlife... October 13, 2017 Research posts New Study Shows “Solitary” Pumas Are Social Over Meals Using motion-triggered cameras and GPS technology, researchers have documented social behaviors and networks among wild cats long... October 11, 2017 Research posts Early Trilobites Had Stomachs, New Fossil Study Shows New insights into the trilobite’s digestive system. September 21, 2017 Research posts Researchers Recover an Ancient Nova Modern astronomers have identified the location of the binary star that produced a nova eruption recorded in 1437 by Korea’s Royal... August 30, 2017 Research posts Fast-flying Bats Are Split by Ocean Channel Researchers discover a dramatic genetic rift between bat populations on either side of an ocean channel in the Bahamas. August 28, 2017 Research posts Widely Used DNA Analysis Misses Microbial Species, Study Finds A Museum-led study finds that when it comes to surveying biodiversity, a commonly used genetic sequencing technique is missing a... July 31, 2017 Research posts Three New “Club-tailed” Scorpions Identified Museum researchers have revealed three new species of “club-tailed” scorpions from the tropical regions of North, Central, and South... July 24, 2017 Research posts Researchers Pin Down Ancient South American Mammal After baffling naturalists for years, these ancient South American ungulates take their place on the tree of life thanks to Museum... June 27, 2017
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