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Research posts Parasitic Beetle Revealed in Amber Fossil A 99-million-year-old fossil beetle sheds light on the long evolutionary history of leeching off of social insects. December 19, 2016 Research posts Study Doubles Estimate of World Bird Species New research led by the Museum suggests there may be as many as 18,000 species of birds around the world. December 13, 2016 Research posts Climate Change and Ice Age Vertebrates A Museum-led study reveals that different vertebrate species responded to climate change differently over the last 500,000 years. December 7, 2016 Research posts Helping NASA Sample an Asteroid For Museum research associate Harold Connolly, the most interesting work in geology isn’t on Earth at all. Instead, he’s helping... November 29, 2016 Research posts Ph.D. Profile: Akinobu Watanabe Watanabe's fascination with dinosaurs started with a VHS tape and led to the Museum, the Gobi Desert, and beyond. October 28, 2016 Research posts Ph.D. Profile: Bernardo Santos Santos has discovered dozens of new species of parasitoid wasps. He even turned over naming duties for one of them to class of students... October 27, 2016 Research posts Jaguar Scat Analysis Aids Conservation Efforts Understanding population connectivity is key to helping conserve big cats, and researchers have a new tool to study this important... October 26, 2016 Research posts Ph.D. Profile: Jonathan Foox During his time at RGGS, Foox studied the ill-understood lives of parasitic animals called myxozoans. October 24, 2016 Research posts Ph.D. Profile: Lauren Oliver Oliver comes from a family of scientists, but ditched the family business of chemistry in favor of studying biology. October 17, 2016 Research posts Ph.D. Profile: Stephanie Loria A Queens native whose studies at the Museum began in high school, Loria returned to get her doctorate at the Richard Gilder Graduate... October 14, 2016 Research posts Fossil beardogs shed light on the evolution of dogs and their relatives “By about 15 million years ago, the beardog family had given rise to huge predators bigger than modern lions,” says Research Associate... October 12, 2016 Research posts New Research: Common U.S. Snake Actually Three Different Species A new study of yellow-bellied kingsnakes suggests that different habitats on each side of the Mississippi could be the cause of speciation. October 5, 2016
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