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Research posts Detonating White Dwarfs as Supernovae New model explains how inspiraling dead stars can explode at a rate high enough to match the number of Type Ia supernovae seen in... October 4, 2016 Research posts Finding Fossils in an Antarctic Summer “In this kind of fieldwork, you have your reasons for wanting to go to a place, but you don’t always get what you want,” says Curator... September 16, 2016 Research posts Respiration Makes Camel Spiders Potent Predators Researchers at the Museum used new technologies to shed light on the anatomy of these ill-understood arachnids. September 15, 2016 Research posts A Fossil Hunt At the Bottom of the World Tens of millions of years ago, the frozen wastes of Antarctica were a temperate zone, thriving with life. Now Museum researchers... September 8, 2016 Research posts Fossil Reveals Ostrich Relatives Once Lived in North America Research reveals that a 50-million-year-old bird fossil on display in the Museum’s special exhibition Dinosaurs Among Us is from... July 7, 2016 Research posts Scorpions Share Similar Tastes in Burrow Architecture New research shows that scorpions from different regions share similar interior design tastes in their burrows. June 21, 2016 Research posts Bioluminescence Evolved Frequently in Fish A paper co-authored by Museum scientists finds that the ability to produce light evolved 29 times in fish alone—much more often than... June 8, 2016 Research posts DNA Study Suggests Scorpions Diversified as Andes Formed The rise of the massive mountain range created varied landscapes where many different species of these arachnids could thrive, according... May 16, 2016 Research posts Glowing Shark Patterns Get Brighter in Deep Water A team led by Museum researchers has found that glowing sharks can see one another's colors, and that the patterns they produce become... April 26, 2016 Research posts Flapping Before Flight New research shows young birds flap before they’re ready to fly and offers clues to reconstructing flight’s origins in modern birds’... April 25, 2016 Research posts Paleontologists Gain New Insight to "Telescoping" Crocodile Eyes Fossils of a 13-million-year-old extinct crocodilian suggest that South American and Indian species of crocodiles evolved separately... April 21, 2016 Research posts Research Shows Vital Links Between Lemurs and Fruit Trees A new study led by a Museum researcher has uncovered a close connection between the diversity of Madagascar’s lemurs and the abundance... April 20, 2016
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