Image credits
Image Credits:

Photos: Neil de Grass Tyson Pages: Neil de Grasse Tyson: courtesy of Neil de Grasse Tyson; Astronaut on the moon: courtesy of John W. Young, Apollo 16 Crew, and NASA; Light divided by a prism: courtesy of Concept Images, 1998 Noriko all rights reserved; Hubble Telescope View from Deep Space: courtesy of R. Williams and the HDF Team (STScI) and NASA, Hubble Deep Field; Spectrum of light: courtesy of AURA/NOAO/NSF "Copyright Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy Inc. (AURA); all rights reserved." Infrared Hudson river view: courtesy of NASA; Radio telescopes: courtesy of Dave Finley, AUI, NRAO, NSF; The Moon: courtesy of NASA, Galileo; Saturn's Rings: courtesy of JPL, California Institute of Technology and NASA, Voyager 2; Milky Way as seen from the Earth: courtesy of Jayanne English (STScI) et. Al., CGPS, RAL/U. Calgary, APOD; Surface of Io: courtesy of University of Arizona, JPL/SSI and NASA, Galileo; Stars: courtesy of STScI, The Hubble Heritage Team and NASA; Planets: courtesy of NASA; Projector and Hayden Planetarium: courtesy of AMNH Department of Library Services; Kids: All people pictures: courtesy of subjects; Jupiter: courtesy of PDS/JPL and NASA, Voyager 1; Illustrations: All drawings: courtesy of subjects