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Image Credits:

Photos: Eleanor Sterling pages aye-aye (full body): AMNH, Hall of Biodiversity aye-aye (close-up of head): courtesy of Connie Bransilver, Duke University Primate Center aye-aye nuts: AMNH, courtesy of Eleanor Sterling baboon: courtesy of AMNH Department of Library Services, #K14396 Eleanor in front of Hall of Biodiversity: courtesy of Denis Finnin, AMNH elephant, sea lions, Columbia University, Joshua Tree National Park: AMNH Eleanor in field, Eleanor being athletic, Eleanor working with others, tent: courtesy of Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, AMNH peacock: courtesy of AMNH Department of Library Services, K15531 ruffed lemur: courtesy of Duke University Primate Center scarf: courtesy of Meg Carlough; Ismael page: Ismael: AMNH; chicks: courtesy of Keith Weller, Agricultural Research Service; Keally page: all photos: courtesy of Keally; Marco page: photos of Marco: courtesy of Marco; sea lion: AMNH