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Take the OLogy Challenge! Share your work with us and it might get posted on the OLogy website for everyone to see.

illustration of extinct mammal

Did you draw an extinct mammal for Challenge #11? Check back on December 9th to see if it was selected!


Create a Galaxy Travel Guide

illustration of girl looking out window of rocket ship

Science fiction has often inspired scientists by helping them imagine what might be possible. What galaxy outside of our own Milky Way would you like to visit? What might you see there? What might you encounter on your journey?

The Challenge:

Use these instructions to create a Sci-Fi travel guide to another galaxy in our universe. Submit your galaxy travel guide to OLogy.


  • You can download, print, and use the PDF template. Submit one or more pages from it. 
  • OR you can create your own original one-page galaxy travel guide. 


How to Submit:

Have your parent or guardian email a high-res image of your galaxy travel guide to [email protected] by Monday, January 4th

If your parent or guardian is comfortable sharing this information, please include:

a short caption for your galaxy travel guide

your first name and the first letter of your last name

your age

your state (or province) and country

Note: Do not include a photo of you or other personal information.

Scientist Eve Armstrong

Eve Armstrong is a physicist. She studies the formation of structure in astrophysics and in neuroscience.

Super Stellar Guest Star! 

Scientist Eve Armstrong will be judging this OLogy Challenge. 

In this "Scientist is In" watch party on December 10th, Eve will talk about creative patterns in nature, from the formation of galaxies to the electrical circuit activity of our hearts!

Check back here on Wednesday, January 13th to see if your space travel guide was selected!

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Image Credits:
Butterfly drawing, © Ivy Rutzky; Bedroom illustration, © E. Hamilton/ AMNH.