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Image Credits:

Photos: Melanie Stiassny pages: Natural History Museum, Charles Darwin: courtesy of The Natural History Museum, London; Cichlid and babies, Children fishing, Melanie and helpers, Testing water, Melanie's nets, New species, Melanie and colleague, ET's fish, Melanie fishing: courtesy of AMNH, Melanie Stiassny; Fish collections, Type specimen: courtesy of AMNH; Seagrass meadow: courtesy of NOAA, Heather Dine; Mary Kingsley: courtesy of West African Study, Mcmillian, London; Dolphins: courtesy of Golden State Images; Oil spill: courtesy of NOAA; Restoration Center, Passenger pigeon: courtesy of AMNH, Sharon Simpson; Beach cleanup: courtesy of NOAA; Restoration Research Program; Mangrove: courtesy of OAR, National Undersea Research Program; Binoculars: courtesy of National Park Service; Kids: Gabby: courtesy of AMNH; All photos of Luke and Gwyneth: courtesy of the subjects; Black turnstone: courtesy of California Academy of Sciences, Antonio J. Ferreira; Nene: courtesy of California Academy of Sciences, John White; Harbor seal: courtesy of National Marine Fisheries Service, NEFSC; Illustrations: Common Dolphin: Sean Murtha