Huayangosaurus taibaii

As you can tell from its body plates and tail spikes, Huayangosaurus is related to Stegosaurus. Unlike Stegosaurus, though, this dinosaur had a shorter snout. It lived during the Middle Jurassic in a part of what is now China.

Scientific Name: Huayangosaurus taibaii
Pronunciation: HWAH-YAHNG-o-SAW-rus TIE-bay-eye
Meaning: "early Sichan lizard"
Locality Found: Sichuan, China
Age: Middle Jurassic, 180 to 160 million years ago
Length: 4 meters (13.5 feet) long
Weight: 1,360 kilograms (3,000 pounds)
Characteristics: This creature is known as a primitive stegosaur that had plates, spines, and teeth in the front of its mouth.

Image credits: Rick Spears.