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Chapter 2 - Animals




Unit A - Looking at Plants and Animals

Chapter 2 - Animals

Discover the great diversity of animals on the planet and how their unique adaptations help them to survive.

Educator Materials Nature Explorations No matter what the weather or season, you can explore nature with these 11 challenges. See just how good your observation skills... Educator Materials Hall of Biodiversity Educator's Guide Activity: Observation How good are you observation skills? Test them out by observing and recording your pet, the pavement near your pad, and other creative... Article It Takes All Kinds to Make a World The ocean's one diverse place—with alga so tiny that 10 million can fit in a single teaspoon to whales longer than three school buses.... Educator Materials Draw a Monarch You don't have to be a terrific artist to create a scientific illustration of a monarch butterfly—just willing to take your time... Article Butterfly Metamorphosis The butterfly begins life as an egg, emerges as a caterpillar, and then undergoes a complete change in body form during development. Article Let's Talk With Melanie Stiassny About the Oceans Living on land as we do, it's easy to forget this is a water planet. Yet life appeared about 3.5 billion years ago in the ocean,... Article Let's Talk with Ian Harrison about How Marine Animals Breathe When in comes to breathing under water, marine organisms breathe in different ways. Some absorb oxygen through their skin, some rely... Special Exhibition The Butterfly Conservatory More than 500 free-flying tropical butterflies of every color fill the room. October 6, 2018 — May 27, 2019 Special Exhibition Frogs: A Chorus of Colors Explore the rich diversity of frogs and learn about their evolution, biology, and the threats they face today. May 18, 2013 — January 5, 2014