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Chapter 4 - Life Processes




Unit B - Animals as Living Things

Chapter 4 - Life Processes

Discover more about how animals grow and develop and how their different adaptations help them survive in their environments.

Educator Materials Slowing the Flow All mammals—dogs, sea lions, and even you—have an adaptation for surviving in cold water. Take the plunge, and learn why the mammalian... Educator Materials Draw a Monarch You don't have to be a terrific artist to create a scientific illustration of a monarch butterfly—just willing to take your time... Interactive Ocean Creature Feature To survive in the icy Pacific, a sea otter has about a million hairs in every square inch of its fur. Now, that's dense! Take a close... Educator Materials Crazy Camouflage Unlike humans, some animals can instantly change the color or pattern of their skin. Take a hands-on look at how the masters of disguise... Article What is Marine Biology? How is the ocean like a layer cake? What creatures live there? And how important is the ocean? Take a dive and find out! Article All About Cloning After singing a song about a cloned sheep to the tune of "Mary Had a Little Lamb," kids investigate the how and why of... Article Butterfly Metamorphosis The butterfly begins life as an egg, emerges as a caterpillar, and then undergoes a complete change in body form during development. Article Antarctic Adaptations Unlike human visitors, Antarctica's plants and animals don't require high-tech gear. How have these organisms adapted to thrive—not... Article Surviving Against All Odds: Investigating the Adaptability of the Common Periwinkle 2003 Young Naturalist Award-winning essay - Follow along as this 12th-grader from Nova Scotia tries to find out why the common periwinkle... Special Exhibition Frogs: A Chorus of Colors Explore the rich diversity of frogs and learn about their evolution, biology, and the threats they face today. May 18, 2013 — January 5, 2014