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Chapter 16 - Light Energy


Unit F - Motion and Energy

Chapter 16 - Light Energy

Investigate the properties of light. Build a spectoscope, investigate white and colored light, and learn how light carries information from distant objects.

Educator Materials White Light and Colored Light When does mixing every color under the rainbow create pure white rather than a murky brown or black? When light, not paint, is the... Educator Materials Gathering Light While refracting and reflecting telescopes use different means of collecting light, the same principle applies to both—the bigger... Educator Materials Light Quest Particles and waves, reflection and refraction—how enlightened are you about the subject of light? Find out with Light Quest!, a... Educator Materials Building a Simple Refracting Telescope What could Galileo see when he looked through his telescope? Build a refracting telescope with lenses similar to the ones he used,... Educator Materials Detecting UV Light You can't see the Sun's ultraviolet rays with your eyes—you just see their results on your freckled, tanned, or sunburned skin. Build... Educator Materials Building a Spectroscope White light is a mixture of all colors of visible light, but it doesn't always include every color of the rainbow. Build a spectroscope,... Article Light: Its Secrets Revealed Did you know that when you look at a star, your eyes are capturing light that traveled all the way from the star to your eye? Learn... Educator Materials See the Light Light always travels in straight lines—that is, unless it bends or bounces off an object's surface. Take an enlightening look at... Educator Materials Case Study: John Michell And Black Holes Imagine gravity so strong that even light is contained by its force. When a country parson first described black holes in 1783, the...