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Chapter 4 - Inheriting Traits




Unit B - Organization of Living Things

Chapter 4 - Inheriting Traits

Discover more about genetics as you read interviews with geneticists, make a dna model, and journey deep within your cells to look at a chromosomes, dna, genes, and more.

Educator Materials What Do You Know About Genetics? How much do you know about what makes you you? Test your genetics knowledge with this interactive quiz. Then, take a nurturing look... Article What's the Big Idea About Genetics? Did you know that you have more than 30,000 genes? Or that DNA carries all the information a cell needs to make you uniquely you?... Educator Materials Wear a Chimp on Your Wrist How can you wear a chimp on your wrist—without getting primate elbow? The answer to this riddle is not as tough as it may seem. Need... Article The Quest for the Perfect Tomato The next time you eat a tomato, ask yourself: What would it taste like if there were a bit of flounder in it? Learn how scientists... Educator Materials Make a DNA Model Do you know what makes you different from a snail, a tree, or even your best friend? Find out with this hands-on look at genetic... Educator Materials What Makes You, YOU Nature + Nurture = You! While it may look like a simple equation, the combination of your genes and your environment is actually... Article All About Cloning After singing a song about a cloned sheep to the tune of "Mary Had a Little Lamb," kids investigate the how and why of... Article Seeing Double: An Exhibit on Cloning Cloning was once considered scientifically impossible. And then came Dolly, the sheep that made headlines around the world. Tour... Article Genetics: An Increasingly Important Field of Science The work of Gregor Mendel—today known as the "Father of Genetics"—was disregarded by his fellow scientists. Learn how it...