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Chapter 4 - Changes in Ecosystems




Unit B - Ecosystems

  • Chapter 4 - Changes in Ecosystems

How can changes affect living things and their environments

Educator Materials Endangered Species Game Roll snake eyes, and you're on your way to survival. Land on the extinct box, though, and you're gone. Kaput. Finis. In this board... Article Saving Species Take a world-wide tour of biodiversity. You'll meet mollusks in the reefs off the Bahamas, the aye-aye in the tropical forests of... Article Going Going Gone Today, species are becoming extinct—disappearing from our planet—at a faster rate than ever before. What's behind this increase,... Article Fighting Dinos About 80 million years ago in the Gobi Desert, two dinosaurs were locked in deadly combat when they were suddenly buried alive. See... Interactive Beyond T. rex Only a small fraction of the 400-plus known species of extinct dinosaurs have appeared on TV and movie screens. Meet some of the... Article Face to Fossil Join the inquisitive Deena Soris as she interviews the fossil of a Protoceratops. This dashing dino, dug up in Mongolia in the 1920s,... Educator Materials Body and Trace Fossils What kind of fossil is a tooth—body or trace? How about a nest of eggs? Or a skin impression? Examine the differences between body... Article What's the Big Idea About Paleontology? Learn about fossils, extremely rare—and valuable—records of the past. Article Meet the PaleontOLogists If you dig dinosaurs, then you need to meet these OLogists. Find out what cool stuff Anna, Max, Reva, and Mark have uncovered while... Article Going Gobi Who would travel halfway around the world to spend the summer in a desert where brutal sandstorms and surprise flash floods are on...