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Unit C - Earth and Its Resources

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What causes Earth's surface to change?

Article What's the Big Idea About Earth? From slow creeping continents to ground-splitting quakes, the Earth is constantly changing. Take a peek at our planet's layer... Interactive What Do You Know About Earth? How well grounded is your knowledge of our planet? Test your Earth science knowledge with this interactive quiz. Then, examin... Educator Materials Edible Earth Want to take a close look at the layers that make up our solid Earth? Cook up a model that's good enough to eat—from the spic... Article Plates on the Move A volcanic eruption that could be felt across an ocean, an earthquake that sparked landslides, massive tsunamis, and a volcan... Educator Materials Just Add Water! Give your class a tour of the diverse landscape of your own undersea realm! Educator Materials Plate Tectonics Puzzle Piece together what Earth may have looked like approximately 220 million years ago when there was a single supercontinent, Pa... Article Meteorite Impacts Countless impacts continue to shape Earth, other planets, and moons in our dynamic solar system. They can make craters of man... Article My Fish-Shaped Home: A History of Changes Did you know that Long Island was once part of a chain of volcanoes? Or that it was part of the tropics—and faced south? Step... Article Dispatch from the Deep: Shaping the Ocean Floor at the Mid-Ocean Ridges Did you know that the island of Iceland is really just the peak of an underwater mountain? What other land forms lie hidden b... Educator Materials For Educators: Water An in-depth look at the life-giving and finite resource of water. Educator Materials Hall of Planet Earth for educators With 168 rock specimens that come from nearly all corners of the globe, the hall is a rich resource for exploring our planet'... Educator Materials Forecasting Earthquakes Using Paleoseismology Don't let the "paleo" in "paleoseismology" fool you. In the world of earthquakes, "ancient" tra... Educator Materials Inge Lehmann: Discoverer of the Earth's Inner Core Each one of the thousands of earthquakes that occur every year offers a brief glimpse of what's happening deep inside the Ear... Educator Materials James Hutton: The Founder of Modern Geology Until the late 18th century, most people believed the Earth was about 6,000 years old. Hutton changed this belief by proposin...