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Chapter 6 - Saving Earth's Resources




Unit C - Earth and Its Resources

  • Chapter 6 - Saving Earth's Resources

What are Earth's resources and how can we conserve them?

Article What's the Big Idea About Earth? From slow creeping continents to ground-splitting quakes, the Earth is constantly changing. Take a peek at our planet's layers, learn... Interactive What Do You Know About Earth? How well grounded is your knowledge of our planet? Test your Earth science knowledge with this interactive quiz. Then, examine your... Article Making Rocks Some volcanoes slowly ooze magma while others explode with immense power. Yet all volcanic eruptions begin in the magma chamber.... Interactive The Amazing Mundo Mundo Shamundo! With the help of these magic words, the Amazing Mundo can literally reverse the sands of time. Watch him transform... Educator Materials How to Help Biodiversity Why should you harness your house pets, be a smart shopper, and protect habitats? They're your jobs as a keeper of the Earth. Find... Article What's the Big Idea About Paleontology? Learn about fossils, extremely rare—and valuable—records of the past. Article Face to Fossil Join the inquisitive Deena Soris as she interviews the fossil of a Protoceratops. This dashing dino, dug up in Mongolia in the 1920s,... Article Going Gobi Who would travel halfway around the world to spend the summer in a desert where brutal sandstorms and surprise flash floods are on... Educator Materials Buried Bones The next time you have chicken, don't throw out the bones—bury them in plaster of Paris. Then, scrape by scrape, see firsthand the... Educator Materials Solve a Sedimentary Layers Puzzle The history of life on Earth is recorded in the planet's rock layers. Try your hand at reconstructing geologic history with this... Article All That Glitters (SuperScience) Did you know miners must dig up and process as many as 30 tons of rock to make a single gold ring? Take a dazzling look at how gold... Interactive What's This? Gold What golden award is this? Take a guess! Article Oscawana: A Dying Lake? 2003 Young Naturalist Award-winning essay - Oscawana has all the symptoms of a dying lake. Join this seventh-grader from New York... Article The Mystery of a Lifeless Creek: Investigating Dissolved Oxygen and Fecal-Coliform Bacteria This 9th-grader from Pennsylvania has many fond memories of the creek near her house—yet, this creek contains no aquatic life. Join... Educator Materials What is a Fossil? The most common fossils are bones and teeth, but not all fossils are body parts. Explore the wide-ranging evidence of ancient life... Special Exhibition Water: H2O = Life Find out more about water, which is named in every language and without which no living thing exists. November 1, 2007 — May 26, 2008 Educator Materials Resources For Educators: Water: H2O = Life An in-depth look at the life-giving and finite resource of water. Educator Materials Hall of Planet Earth for educators With 168 rock specimens that come from nearly all corners of the globe, the hall is a rich resource for exploring our planet's geologic... Educator Materials Transformation of Biosphere: Damage to Soils and Fresh Waters It's not surprising that the larger the world's population grows, the more fresh water we consume. But what is surprising is just...