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This hall uses specimens, models, videos, and interactives to investigate the history and composition of Earth and the ongoing processes that shape it. 

Educators Guide and Materials

Guided Explorations

Banded Iron Formation


Guided Exploration: How Earth Formed

How did our planet form 4.5 billion years ago, and how has it evolved? Examine meteorites, sulfide chimneys, and other specimens to find out. 

Gold in conglomerate


Guided Exploration: Natural Resources

How do Earth's resources, such as metal ores, oil, and gas, form? Observe ore specimens, a groundwater video, and the water cycle diagram to find out.

More Resources

deep sea vents thumb

Educator Materials

Deep Sea Vents

Do your students think the age of exploration is over? Show them the shocking truth: the age of exploration has barely just begun at the ocean floor! Introduce your students to the incredible under water environment of the deep sea vents.


Educator Materials


Take your students to the world's most extreme environment with this curriculum. As they investigate Antarctica, they will also learn about world climate, day and night cycles, ocean circulation, animal adaptation, and scientists working "in the field."

OLogy: Earth

Hands-on activities and interactives for kids, including "Plates on the Move" and "Edible Earth."

OLogy: Climate Change

Hands-on activities and interactives for kids, including "What Is the Greenhouse Effect?" and "Make a Terrarium."

OLogy: Water

Hands-on activities and interactives for kids, including "Living on Ice" and "Be a Water Saver."

Earth Bulletins

Delivering the latest developments in Earth science through HD video and animation.

Weather and Climate Events

At first glance, Earth's atmosphere seems like a chaotic swirl of clouds and currents. But patterns do emerge. Explore recent weather and climate events in satellite data from NOAA.

Seminars on Science: Online Graduate Courses for Educators

Connect to educators, researchers, and collections at the Museum without ever leaving home. Six-week courses include "Earth: Inside and Out," "The Ocean System," and "Climate Change."