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Unit D - Weather and Space

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What are weather and climate?

Educator Materials Make Your Own Weather Station Surrounding Earth is a layer of air, the atmosphere, where conditions are always changing. Try your hand at predicting weathe... Article Temperature & Albedo Even during the summer months, the temperatures on Antarctica's coast range around freezing. Inland, it's even chillier. Disc... Educator Materials Amazing Albedo There's a good reason why your summer attire is lighter and brighter than your winter wardrobe. This easy experiment illustra... Educator Materials What's the Angle? Why is there such a dramatic temperature change between the equator and the South Pole? Explore all the angles of sunlight wi... Interactive Seasonal Cycle If the Earth turns all the way around every 24 hours, then why are some days longer than others? And why do we have winter an... Article Studying Ice Flows for Clues to Climate Change What's better than watching ice melt? Building a computer model to simulate the melting! Ice flow plays an important role in... Educator Materials Building a Cloud Chamber (Cosmic Ray Detector) Wouldn't it be cool if you could create a rain cloud? Or call cosmic rays into view? Well, you can do both! All you need is a... Educator Materials For Educators: Water An in-depth look at the life-giving and finite resource of water. Educator Materials Studying Tree Rings to Learn About Global Climate By taking biopsy-like samples from centuries-old Siberian pines, scientists have reconstructed a 300-year record of temperatu... Educator Materials Transformation of the Bioshphere: Global Environmental Change