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Chapter 2 - The Animal Kingdom




Unit A - Living Things

Chapter 2 - The Animal Kingdom

How are animals different from each other?

Article Leapin' Lizards (SuperScience) Introduce younger students to squamates and some of scaly lizards and snakes that are part of this group of animals. Then put their... Educator Materials Science Explorations: Investigate the Giant Squid With unblinking eyes the size of soccer balls and a body that can stretch the length of a bowling alley, the giant squid has long... Article One Gigantic Mystery (Science World) Recently, a giant squid was photographed for the first time. Before that, no one had ever seen a living specimen. See how scientists... Article Tide Pools and the Life Within Them Wade through the tide pools of Doheny State Beach with this seventh-grader from California, and discover the many animals that thrive... Article Biodiversity in Arizona It can seem that the desert ecosystem is devoid of much life. But this Arizona teen found biodiversity just by turning over a few... Special Exhibition Lizards and Snakes: Alive! Learn more about amazing lizards and snakes and investigate their remarkable adaptations. January 1, 2011 — June 1, 2011 Special Exhibition Frogs: A Chorus of Colors Explore the rich diversity of frogs and learn about their evolution, biology, and the threats they face today. May 18, 2013 — January 5, 2014 Special Exhibition The Butterfly Conservatory More than 500 free-flying tropical butterflies of every color fill the room. October 6, 2018 — May 27, 2019 Educator Materials Resources For Educators: The Butterfly Conservatory Use these free online resources before or after your visit to further explore themes presented in the Butterfly Conservatory.