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Unit C - Earth and Its Resources

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Hoe does Earth's surface change?

Article What's the Big Idea About Earth? From slow creeping continents to ground-splitting quakes, the Earth is constantly changing. Take a peek at our planet's layers, learn... Interactive What Do You Know About Earth? How well grounded is your knowledge of our planet? Test your Earth science knowledge with this interactive quiz. Then, examine your... Educator Materials Just Add Water! Give your class a tour of the diverse landscape of your own undersea realm! Article Plates on the Move A volcanic eruption that could be felt across an ocean, an earthquake that sparked landslides, massive tsunamis, and a volcanic eruption... Educator Materials Edible Earth Want to take a close look at the layers that make up our solid Earth? Cook up a model that's good enough to eat—from the spice drop... Educator Materials Plate Tectonics Puzzle Piece together what Earth may have looked like approximately 220 million years ago when there was a single supercontinent, Pangaea. Article Shaped by Nature and Man: The Geological History of the Palisades This 10th-grader from New York reflects on how the colliding of continental plates and the force of glaciers helped shape the "mysterious... Educator Materials Resources For Educators: Water: H2O = Life An in-depth look at the life-giving and finite resource of water. Educator Materials A Conversation with Jacques Malavieille The mountain-building processes of folding and faulting take many millennia on Earth—and a matter of minutes in the lab. Learn how... Educator Materials Harry Hess: One of the Discoverers of Seafloor Spreading While the idea that continents have drifted over time dates back to the 16th century, it wasn't until the 20th century that scientists... Educator Materials For Educators