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Chapter 6 - Protecting Earth's Resources




Unit C - Earth and Its Resources

  • Chapter 6 - Protecting Earth's Resources

What are Earth's resources?

Educator Materials Grow Rock Candy No matter where you find mineral salt—on your table or at the beach—you'll see its unique cube-shaped crystals. Take a sweet look... Article All That Glitters (SuperScience) Did you know miners must dig up and process as many as 30 tons of rock to make a single gold ring? Take a dazzling look at how gold... Article A Comparison of the Bisbee and Morenci, Arizona, Copper Ore Deposits A treasured collection of geologic samples from the Arizona mine where her grandfather worked launched this 7th-graders's interest... Article What's the Big Idea About Paleontology? Learn about fossils, extremely rare—and valuable—records of the past. Interactive Layers of Time How do your fossil-sorting skills stack up? Put them to the test with this kid-friendly online puzzle. Educator Materials Living with Biodiversity Series By: Center for Biodiversity and Conservation — A series of pamphlets published in conjunction with the CBC's fall 1998 public presentations... Educator Materials Fusion Simulation Confused about fusion? You won't be once you've completed this experiment, which demonstrates how a strong nuclear force can fuse... Educator Materials Resources For Educators: Water: H2O = Life An in-depth look at the life-giving and finite resource of water. Educator Materials Transformation of Biosphere: Damage to Soils and Fresh Waters It's not surprising that the larger the world's population grows, the more fresh water we consume. But what is surprising is just...