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Unit D - Weather and Space

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What is in outer space?

Article What's the Big Idea About Astronomy? Huge distances, gigantic sizes, and long periods of time—astronomy is a BIG subject. We've brought learning about it down to size... Interactive What Do You Know About Astronomy? How much do you really know about our place in space? Test your astronomy knowledge with this interactive quiz. Don't worry, there's... Interactive Planetary Mysteries How much do you know about the Earth's little neighborhood within the vast universe? Take a virtual tour of our solar system to explore... Article Afpectus Lunae: Does the Moon Rotate on Its Axis? Like Earth, the Moon rotates on its axis. So why do we see only one view of its face? Grab two oranges, and let this 8th-grader from... Article Crash Course? (Science World) Could a space rock destroy life on Earth? Learn more about asteroids, comets, and other space objects and what happens when they... Educator Materials Stargazing There are thousands of stars in the night sky. Hidden among them are constellations and planets. How many can you find? Record your... Educator Materials Cosmic Chemistry What happened after the Big Bang? This comic strip explains the interactions that lead to the creation of stars, planetary nebulas,... Educator Materials Gravity: It's Universal We owe our lives to gravity. It holds the atmosphere to Earth and keeps us all from falling off into space. Not to mention that without... Educator Materials Telescopes: Super Views from Space It probably comes as no surprise that telescopes do a better job of collecting light and observing outer space than your eyes. But...