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1998 Winning Essays

Twelve winning essays from the 1998 contest year of the Young Naturalist Awards by students from grade 7 - 12. In honor of the opening of the Hall of Biodiversity, student essays focused on the biodiversity they discovered in a variety of local habitats.

Article Awardee Bios   Article The Slimy, Yet Special Slug What is it about a slug's body that allows it to live in a variety of environments but makes salt a deadly substance? Take a closer... Article Nature's Slimy Friends Did you know that all slugs eat the equivalent of their own body weight each night? Or that some slugs are cannibalistic? Let this... Article The Feared, the Pest, the Cockroach Did you that that only about 1 percent of cockroach species are household pests? Or that cockroach blood is usually green? This 17-year-old... Article The Natural Environment of New Lisbon, New York Take a nature walk through the fields and wooded areas in the back-hill farm country of New York State with this 15-year-old. But... Article No One Sings the Praises of the Dreaded Jelly Fish Jellyfish have existed for more than 650 million years—longer than the earliest dinosaurs. Dive in with this Maryland teen for a... Article Poison-Dart Frogs: Nature's Touch-Me-Nots For centuries, Latin America's poison-dart frogs have helped hunters capture their prey. Today, they're also helping scientists combat... Article The Invincible Cockroach When this 12-year-old from New York came face to face with a house full of cockroaches, he didn't run away. Instead, he got the bug... Article Habitat Variety and Bird Abundance The one constant in this world is change. Watch Lake Wildwood cycle from man-made lake to lakebed mudflats to marsh and finally back... Article Bees in the Ecosystem This 13-year-old from Ohio didn't have a great opinion of bees after one caused her to lose a ball game. That changed, though, when... Article Bacteria Bacteria—the oldest, simplest, and most numerous forms of life—can reproduce as often as every 20 minutes. Learn more about their... Article Aspen: A Keystone Species By keeping a nature journal, this 16-year-old from Colorado quickly saw how aspens support and sustain biodiversity. Learn more about... Article Biodiversity in Arizona It can seem that the desert ecosystem is devoid of much life. But this Arizona teen found biodiversity just by turning over a few...