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Science A Closer Look (Grade: K)


Unit A - Plants

Plants are living things. They have different parts that help them get what they need to live in a variety of habitats. Plants need water, sunlight, air nutrients from the soil, and space in order to grow.

Unit B - Animals

Animals are living things that grow and change. They are divided into groups according to certain characteristics. Animals are organisms that must get food, find a good place to live, and stay safe


Unit C - Our Earth, Our Home

Earth is made of rock, soil, water, and gases in the atmosphere. Different landforms, such as mountains, valleys, and plains, make up Earth's surface. Water slowly shapes and changes the formation of the land. It is important to take care of our Earth by recycling and reusing products.

Unit D - Weather and Sky

Weather, such as wind, sun, rain, and snow, affects the clothing people wear and the activities they can do. Throughout the year, there are daily and seasonal weather changes. They sky looks different during the day than it does at night.




Unit E - Exploring Matter

Matter can be described by its observable physical properties, the materials it is made of, and its uses. There are three different states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. Matter can be changed by folding, bending, tearing, or mixing it. Light can pass through some forms of matter, but not others.

Unit F - Moving Right Along

Motion is a change in an object's position. Forces such as push, pull, and magnetism cause movement. Objects can move in a variety of ways. Vibrations from the movement of sound waves create sound.