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Classroom Activity

  • Galaxy images (NASA/Swift/NOAO/Michael Koss and Richard Mushotzky [Univ. of Maryland])
  • Andromeda-Milky Way collision computer simulation (AMNH)

Learning Resources

Science Bulletins Snapshots are updated weekly and are a good way to introduce your students to the dynamic nature of the Universe and of science. Students can view the snapshot as a class or in small groups. Use the following questions to guide a discussion.

  • What did this snapshot report?
  • What do you know about this topic?
  • What types of instruments did scientists use to gather the data?
  • What did the data show?
  • How did the evidence scientists gathered contribute to their knowledge of space? What might be some of the implications of their discovery?
  • How did this information change the way you think about the Universe?
  • How does this story illustrate The Scientific Process?