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Class Discussion

Establish Prior Knowledge

Discuss with students what they know about national parks and what the purpose of designating a wilderness area as a national park is. Tell them that the snapshot they will view describes how Afghanistan has turned one wilderness area into its first national park.


Have students view the snapshot and read the synopsis. Working in small teams, have students read additional information about the Band-E Amir on these sites:


When students have completed their research, call on them to share what they have learned. Use the following questions to guide further discussion.

1. Why was creating a park at Band-E Amir significant?
2. What makes the geography of the area unique?
3. What animal species inhabit Band-E Amir?
4. What obstacles exist for tourists who may want to visit the park?
5. How will the designation as a national park benefit wildlife and the people who live within the park’s borders?