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2010 International Year of Biodiversity

AMNH Center for Biodiversity and Conservation

AMNH Hall of Biodiversity: Spectrum of Life


AMNH Center for Biodiversity and Conservation: Metropolitan Biodiversity Program

Time: City Centipede—An Urban Legend with Real Legs,9171,1002980,00.html


AMNH: Mark Siddall/The Leech Lab

AMNH: The New T. Rex: A Leech With An Affinity For Noses

PLoS ONE: Tyrannobdella rex N. Gen. N. Sp. and the Evolutionary Origins of Mucosal Leech Infestations

New York Times: His Subject—Highly Evolved and Exquisitely Thirsty


AMNH: Norman I. Platnick, Peter J. Solomon Family Curator of Invertebrate Zoology


AMNH Science Bulletins: New Frog Species Hiding in Plain Sight (April 30, 2007)

AMNH Novitates: Cryptic Species of a Cascade Frog from Southeast Asia : Taxonomic Revisions and Descriptions of Six New Species

Natural History Bulletin of the Siam Society: A New Species Of Cascade Frog (Amphibia: Ranidae) from Thailand, with New Data on Rana banaorum and Rana morafkai


AMNH: Robert S. Voss, Associate Curator of Mammalogy

AMNH Novitates: Revisionary Notes on Neotropical Porcupines Rodentia: Erethizontidae). 2. A Review of the Coendou vestitus Group with Descriptions of Two New Species from Amazonia


AMNH: John S. Sparks, Associate Curator and Curator-in-Charge of Ichthyology

AMNH: Museum Scientist’s Team Describes Two New Fish Species from Gulf of Mexico

Journal of Fish Biology: Review of the Halieutichthys aculeatus species complex (Lophiiformes: Ogcocephalidae), with descriptions of two 
new species