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Data Sources


Tim Barnett and David Pierce, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California–San Diego, La Jolla, CA


  • Barnett, T. P., and D. W. Pierce. “When Will Lake Mead Go Dry?” Water Resource Research (March 29, 2008).

Data and Images

  • Southwest United States, April 2004 (Blue Marble: Next Generation; satellite: NASA Terra/Aqua, sensor: MODIS)
  • Lake Mead, May 3, 2000; May 28, 2003; May 30, 2004; and May 17, 2005 (Images by Jesse Allen, NASA Earth Observatory, based on data provided by Global Land Cover Facilitysatellite: NASA Landsat 7, sensor: ETM+)
  • Lake Mead photograph (U.S. Department of Reclamation)