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Class Discussion

Establish Prior Knowledge

Call on students to share what they know about estuaries. Have them identify some of the features of estuaries. If necessary, have students visit this web site:  Tell students that in the snapshot they are about to see, scientists investigate the decline of striped bass in the San Francisco Bay estuary.


Have students view the snapshot and read the synopsis. Have students work in small groups. Assign one of the following questions for each group to research and report on:

1. What invasive species live in the San Francisco estuary, how did they get there, and how are they affecting the environment?

2. What pollutants are endangering San Francisco Bay and how do pollutants affect the bay’s plants and wildlife?

3. What is being done to restore the health of San Francisco Bay?


Have groups present their findings. Discuss how the problems facing San Francisco Bay are affecting striped bass and other species. Also discuss whether or not students think that restoration efforts are extensive enough to re-establish a healthy estuary.