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Class Discussion

Establish Prior Knowledge

Discuss aging with students. Ask:

  • At what age do you consider a person to be elderly?
  • Do you think people over 60 today act and feel younger than people of the past? Why or why not?

Tell students that in the Snapshot they will learn about a new way researchers are measuring age.


Have students view the snapshot and read the synopsis. Use the following questions to guide class discussion:

  • Traditionally, at what age was a person considered to be elderly?
  • How is the new measure for age different? What is the new measure based on?
  • Traditional methods project that the percentage of elderly Americans will increase dramatically by the year 2050. What does the new measure for age predict?

Wrap Up

Use the following question to guide further discussion:

  • How might the new measure for age affect current policies for healthcare, retirement, or social security?
  • Which method for determining "old age" is better for individuals? Which is better for society?