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Class Discussion
Establish Prior Knowledge

Call on students to share what they previously learned about the Flores people found in Indonesia. If necessary, direct them to these sites:
New Human Species Found:

Unraveling the Origins of the Flores Fossils:    

Tell students that, in the Snapshot they are about it see, scientists continue to seek clues in their endeavor to unravel the evolutionary history of the Flores people.


Have students watch the Snapshot and read the synopsis. Have them work in groups. Assign one of the following questions to each group to research and report on.

1. What was life like for the “Hobbit” people?

2. Was the “Hobbit” people’s small size a result of “island dwarfing?”

3. What is unusual about the anatomy of the “Hobbit” people?


Call on groups to present their findings. Point out that the Flores fossils have created a lot of controversy in the scientific world. Discuss with students how debate among scientists strengthens scientific knowledge and findings.