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Scientific Paper

  • Costello, E. K., et al. "Bacterial Community Variation in Human Body Habitats Across Space and Time." Science (December 18, 2009).
  • Ivanov, I. I., et al. "Induction of Intestinal Th17 Cells by Segmented Filamentous Bacteria" Cell (October 30, 2009).
  • Turnbaugh, T. J., et al. "The Human Micrbiome Project." Nature (October 18, 2007).


  • Segmented filamentous bacteria (Generated and contributed by Ivaylo Ivanov and Dan Littman, NYUSOM, Alice Liang, NYU and Doug Wei, Carl Zeiss. Artificial coloring by Eric Roth, NYU. © NPG.)

Special thanks to Elizabeth Costello, Stanford University and Ivaylo Ivanov, NYU School of Medicine