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The Malaria Atlas Project


 Guerra, C. A., et al. “The Limits and Intensity of Plasmodium falciparum Transmission: Implications for Malaria Control and Elimination Worldwide.”PLoS Medicine 5(2): February 26, 2008.


  •  Malaria map data (Malaria Atlas Project [MAP], funded principally by the Wellcome Trust, U.K.)
  •  Malaria patient in Birao, Central African Republic (Pierre Holtz/UNICEF)
  • Anopheles albimanus (James Gathany/CDC)
  •  Anti-mosquito bed net demonstration, Madagascar (Michael Oko/American Red Cross)
  •  Natou Virulé prepares a Hib2 vaccination for Djibi, a child in Kolebougou, Mali. (© 2007 Hannah Koenker, Courtesy of Photoshare)