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Data Visualizations Earth Day 1970 - 2019: No Time To Waste What's changed since the first Earth Day in 1970? Exhibits T. rex Skeleton Crew Get a sneak peek at the new T. rex Skeleton Crew virtual reality experience featured in T. rex: The Ultimate Predator. Research and Collections Rare Book Collection: Printing Techniques for Scientific Illustrations The history of printmaking is as colorful as the extraordinary prints in the Museum’s Rare Book Collection. SciCafe / Lectures SciCafe: The Raw Truth About Cooking with Rachel Carmody How do cooking and processing our food affect the way our bodies respond to nutrients? Space When will the Sun die? And what will our solar system look like when it happens? Dinosaurs and Fossils How long did a T. rex live? The life of the ultimate predator, from the birth to death. Space Are we alone in the universe? Addressing an age-old question with from two angles. Dinosaurs and Fossils Are dinosaurs still alive today? We’re still living in the Age of Dinosaurs! SciCafe / Lectures SciCafe: Science of Love with Bianca Jones Marlin Journey into the hard science behind the controversial neurochemical oxytocin, also knows as the “love drug.” Dinosaurs and Fossils How do you find dinosaur fossils? Hint: it’s not as easy as it looks in the movies. Space How do we find new planets? Methods for looking for objects beyond our solar system. Exhibits What Did a Baby T. rex Look Like? Did you know T. rex hatchlings were most likely covered in fluff? Learn more about the life history of the ultimate predator.
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