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What resources are available to help me plan my visit to the Museum?

In order to better plan your trip to the Museum, go to the Plan Your Visit area of our site. In this section you'll find information on how to get to the Museum, hours of operation, parking, and more.

Where can I find out more about bringing a group to the Museum?

See our Group Visits page to learn about bringing a group of 20 or more to the American Museum of Natural History.

How can I register for programs offered at the Museum?

Registration information and links for purchasing tickets to Museum programs should be included on the same Calendar page that lists the program. You may also contact Central Reservations and Ticketing at 212-769-5200 or e-mail Tickets using this contact form.

Are audio tours of the Rose Center and translations of the Space Show available?

Yes. Please see our Accessibility page for more information.

Where can I get information on volunteering at the Museum?

Visit our Volunteer page.

Where can I find a listing of current job openings?

See our Careers page to view current job offerings at the Museum.

Is an online map of the Museum available?

Yes! View the online version of the Museum Map.

Where can I enter the Museum for evening programs and lectures?

For evening programs and lectures, please refer to your ticket for specific entrance information. In addition you may enter the Security entrance which is under the main stairs on Central Park West. A staff member will be there to inform you of the location of your program or lecture.

Where can I get more information about using a CityPASS at the Museum?

Visit CityPass for more information about using a CityPASS at the American Museum of Natural History, or to purchase a CityPASS ticket online. CityPASS may also be purchased at any Museum entrance and is good for nine days from the date of purchase.

CityPASS Prices:

  • $132 Adults
  • $108 Youth (ages 6–17)

Is the Museum wheelchair accessible? What other services are offered for visitors with special needs?

Please see our Accessibility page for more information.

Where can I find the real displays that were recreated in the movie Night At The Museum?

Please see our Night At The Museum self-guided tour to find the Museum displays that were recreated in the movie.

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How can I get photographic prints or slides of Museum images?

All requests for reproductions of Museum images should be submitted to the Museum Library's Special Collections department. Please be aware that not all Museum images are available for purchase.

How can I request the right to use a Museum image for personal or commercial use?

The Special Collections department of the Museum Library has a large collection of photographic images available for educational, publication and broadcast use. Requests for images, and a printable Permissions Request Form, can be found on our Reproduction and Licensing page. Some images may not be available for use.

How can I apply for copyright permission to use material from a Museum publication?

For requests to reprint, reproduce, or otherwise use any material from the Museum's Bulletin,Novitates, or Anthropological Papers, e-mail the Reference Library. Be sure to include the article title, author, and issue information as well as a detailed description of the planned usage.
(Response time approximately 4 weeks.)

How can I get permission to use an image from the Museum's website on my site?

Digital images on the AMNH web site come from varied sources. Please be aware that some images found on our site may not be available for use. Permission is generally given for educational use, provided full credit is given to the Museum, and preferably a link back.

Most black and white images on the site are archival images from the Library’s Special Collections. For more information on a black and white image, visit Special Collections.

For color images, or any other web photo questions, please contact webmaster@amnh.org.

What is the Museum's website Copyright Policy?

All text, images, and software code on this website are copyright property of the American Museum of Natural History and its programmers unless otherwise noted. They may be used for the personal education of website visitors. They may not be placed in the public domain. Any commercial reproduction, redistribution, publication, or other use by electronic means or otherwise is prohibited unless pursuant to a written license signed by the Museum.

I would like to obtain information on an artifact in my possession. How can I do this?

The Museum and its staff members are not generally available to answer questions or identify artifacts of any kind, except during the Museum's annual "Identification Day." Please check the Calendar for more details on the next Identification Day.

Does the Museum appraise objects and artifacts?

The Museum and its scientific staff are not available to authenticate or perform appraisals of any artifacts for the public. You may wish to contact the Appraisers Association of America to get more information on certain types of appraisals.

Does the Museum offer "star naming" services?

The Museum does not offer star names for purchase nor recommend the use of any commercial star-naming services. People interested in naming a star are encouraged to learn more about this practice from reputable organizations such as the International Astronomical Union.

Where can I get an answer to an astronomy reference question?

The Hayden Planetarium Question and Answer Hotline can be reached at 212-769-5901.

Can I contact a scientist at the Museum?

Unfortunately, the Museum's scientific community is not available to be contacted directly. However, you can learn more about some of the scientists associated with the Museum in the Research section of the site.

Where can I find and order Museum publications?

The Museum Shop carries many of the popular titles published by the American Museum of Natural History. Visit Natural History magazine for subscription guidelines to the Museum's popular magazine. For information about the Museum's Bulletins, Novitates, Anthropological Papers please visit the Library's Museum Publications site. Visit Micropaleontology Press for more information about their publications.

Can I list an item for sale in the Museum Shop?

Unsolicited submissions are not accepted for inclusion in the Museum Shop.

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What are the guidelines for establishing a hyperlink to the Museum on my website?

In accordance with currently accepted guidelines, Webmasters are allowed to link to the American Museum of Natural History's website provided that no overt connection is made between the content or ownership of the host site and the Museum. Visitors to the Museum website should be aware that the content of any referring site does not necessarily reflect the views of the Museum or its employees. The Museum banner, HTML code, and instructions, are available here.

How can I get the Museum to link to my website?

The Museum does not currently establish links to any third party sites other than its online partners.

What tips are there for navigating the Museum's website?

You can use the buttons located on the "navigation bars" at the bottom and top of any Museum web page to gain access to many important sections of our site.

Is there support for languages other than English on the Museum site?

The Museum website includes a built-in Google Translate function for translation into over 50 languages.

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Where can I find out more about the scientists who work at the Museum?

The Scientific Divisions page links to biographical and credential information for some of the prominent scientists associated with the Museum.

Where can I get more information about the geologic time scale?

The Museum's Timelines online exhibition provides a wealth of information on the historic periods of the earth and their characteristic flora and fauna. You can also visit the University of California website for an online introduction to the geologic timescale.

How can I conduct research on my own?

The Museum recommends that persons seek answers to their natural history-related inquiries either through independent research or by visiting our facilities in person. You can visit the Museum Library online for more information on using its facilities and to search the Library's collections.

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Becoming a Member Online

Can I become a Member online?

Yes. You can become a Member online in a matter of minutes. Choose a membership level, fill out your name, address, and contact numbers, and provide credit card information. You will become part of the member community which supports the Museum and will enjoy many special benefits and privileges. We will mail you a welcome package and your new membership cards within ten business days. Become a Member now!

I would like to become a member at a higher level than is available online. Whom do I contact?

Please call the Development Office at (212) 769-5155 to learn about the special benefits associated with becoming a member of the Patrons Circle.

Can I purchase tickets and a membership online simultaneously?

Yes. We suggest that you purchase a museum membership first. Once your membership has been purchased, log in and you will be able to receive member pricing for your online ticket transactions.

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Buying Tickets Online

If I have a problem with my order, whom can I contact?

If you have a problem with your order you can contact us via e-mail, or call Central Reservations at 212-769-5200, Monday–Friday from 9 am–5 pm, and Saturday from 9 am–4 pm.

I got an error message and my order did not go through. What should I do?

If you have received an error message and your order did not go through, it may be easier for you to make your reservation by phone. Call Central Reservations at 212-769-5200, Monday–Friday from 9 am–5 pm.

Is there a limit to the number of tickets I can buy online for any one event?

Yes, certain workshops, walks, and field trips are limited to two tickets per order. Museum admission, most lectures and regularly scheduled shows are limited to nine tickets per order.

How can I purchase tickets for a group of 20 or more?

Please call Central Reservations at 212-769-5200, Monday-Friday from 9 am-5 pm to purchase tickets for groups of 20 or more.

How can I purchase tickets for my school group?

Please call Central Reservations at 212-769-5200, Monday-Friday from 9 am-5 pm to purchase tickets for school groups of 20 or more.

How do I receive my tickets?

Your tickets can be mailed to you or, if you prefer, you may pick them up at the Will Call desk. 

Where is the Will Call desk located?

The Will Call desk is accessible through the 81st Street entrance to the Museum, between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue. Upon entering take the stairs to the left or elevator to the right of the entrance down to the lower level of the Rose Center, where the Will Call desk is located. Please note that the Will Call desk is open only during regular Museum hours. (10 am–5:45 pm daily)

Can I receive student, senior, and Member discounts when purchasing tickets online?

Yes, log in first, and then you can receive your discount when ordering online. It will be deducted automatically at checkout.

Can I have different shipping and billing addresses?

Yes. When you order online, you have the option to enter different shipping and billing addresses.

What is the Refund Policy?

The Museum's policy is that there are no refunds and no exchanges for any tickets purchased.

What is the Privacy Policy?

The American Museum of Natural History is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of its online visitors, customers, members, and donors. We believe that maintaining privacy on the Web is very important, and that informing our visitors about the types of information we collect and how we use it is crucial. Please see the Museum's Privacy Policy for more information.

How do I contact the Museum?

For advance reservations and/or general information, please call 212-769-5200. Or you can e-mail us for additional information.

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Contact Us

Help! My question wasn't answered!

If your question could not be answered by any of the preceding information, see our Contact Us page or call 212-769-5000 and ask for the the appropriate person or department.

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