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These media pieces enhance the immersive exhibition experience, and communicate science in new, engaging ways. 

  Antarctic Exploration Interactive A dynamic, multi-user interactive map of modern Antarctica introduces the continent's weather, biodiversity, and introduces t...   Biology of the Horse Interactive In this multi-user interactive, visitors can explore and learn how horses, see, hear, digest their food, and about the mechan...   Cooking Table Interactive This digital table interactive invites visitors to "cook" four different meals, and discover recipes from around th...   Deep Sea Video This narrated video featuring actual footage and 2D animations reveals the surprising assortment of bioluminescent features o...   Dinoflagellate Bay Projection Interactive A media projection simulates the experience of moving thorough a bay filled with bioluminescent dinoflagellates.   Emotion Projections Video This media installation features a projected face exhibiting the six most basic human expressions.   Enchanted Book Interactive This interactive "enchanted" book allows users to bring their stories to life through media projection and touch se...   Fly Like A Pterosaur Interactive This digital, full-body interactive game invites users to pilot a pterosaur as it flies over a prehistoric landscape in searc...   Greek Myths Projection Media Display Projected on three-dimensional urns are Greek myths that highlight the power of poisons.   Mars Terraforming Interactive Tabletop Multi-user digital interactive table where visitors experience the stages for terraforming Mars.   Neuron Gesture Table Interactive In this multi-user tabletop interactive, visitors' become neurons that communicate with each other.