Food: Our Global Kitchen

Two teenagers stand over an interactive table showing a projection of meals being cooked
Examine the intricate system that brings what we eat from the farm to our tables.

Taking visitors on a journey around the world and through time, this exhibition explores the common interactions we have with our food.

Through digital interactives, rich dioramas, cultural artifacts, and striking models, visitors will experience stories of how humans have shaped the foods we know, and how food has shaped us.

With opportunities to taste seasonal treats in a tasting kitchen, cook a virtual meal, and peek into the dining rooms of famous figures throughout history, visitors can enjoy the journey through this intersection of food, nature, culture, health, and history.


“An ambitious feast of a show, with offerings for every taste, even the most exotic” – The New York Times

“Really shines… in its exploration of the future of food through the lens of its past” –

“Appealing to both gourmands and cooking novices” – Time Out New York

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Food: Our Global Kitchen is organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York (