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Polar Explorers: Race to the End of the Earth

A diorama of a group of penguins standing on the ice illuminated by the blue aurora australis in Antarctica

Relive one of the most stirring tales of Antarctic exploration: the contest to be the first to reach the South Pole.

Polar Explorers Exhibition Walkthrough

Polar Explorers Exhibition Walkthrough

Experience one of the most dramatic tales in exploration – two South Pole-bound explorers, the Englishman Robert F. Scott and the Norwegian Roald Amundsen, led teams through harrowing conditions against a ticking clock.

Who would reach the pole first? And would either make it home?

This exhibition brings history to life, and explains how these dangerous journeys paved the way for modern day polar research, ranging from geology to oceanography to astrophysics.


“Big summer blockbuster” – New York Observer 

“Engrossing” –The New York Times

“The exhibit takes you on their adventure; it’s an interactive, multimedia experience” – Washington Post

Race to the End of the Earth is organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York, in collaboration with Musée des Confluences, Lyon, France, and Royal BC Museum, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.