How to Help Biodiversity
YOU depend on biodiversity, and biodiversity depends on YOU!
People are the keepers of the Earth! That means you—and every one of us—have important jobs to do.

Can YOU help biodiversity? How many of these jobs can you take on to help biodiversity?

Post this list on a bulletin board or refrigerator as a reminder of what YOU can do for BIODIVERSITY!
I could do this. I am doing this.  
checkbox checkbox Make wildlife welcome.
Support the birds, reptiles, mammals, and plants that live in your neighborhood. You can also attract more wild species by providing water, food, shelter, and privacy.
checkbox checkbox Protect habitats.
Explore habitats in your area. Help clean up and protect beaches, parks, reserves, and fields where wild plants and animals live.
checkbox checkbox Volunteer your time.
Find out about environmental organizations in your area. Maybe you can help care for injured animals, clean up a habitat, or even answer the phone!
checkbox checkbox Harness your house pets.
If your house pet runs loose it is considered to be an invasive species. In the United States alone, it is estimated that 44 million free-roaming cats kill 4.4 million songbirds every day.
checkbox checkbox Be a smart shopper.
Buy things you really need—not just want—so you don't waste Earth's resources on unnecessary items. Shop for good quality, so you can use toys, clothes, and supplies many times, then pass them on to someone else. When you travel, avoid buying souvenirs that cost an animal its life or might have harmed a habitat.
checkbox checkbox Reduce, reuse, recycle!
If you choose not to turn on a light, you save energy. If you reuse a jacket handed down by a brother or sister, you've saved all the resources that would have gone into a new jacket. When you recycle, you save energy, electricity, water, and many other resources, too. Earth-keepers always remember the 3 Rs!
checkbox checkbox Leave wild things in the wild.
Watch wild things, but don't bring them home. Plants and animals often die outside their habitats. Even if they live, they can't reproduce or do their "jobs" in the natural world.
checkbox checkbox Learn about other cultures.
What you do and what you buy can affect other people around the world. Learn about other cultures to discover some new ways to help biodiversity.
checkbox checkbox Be a role model.
Kindly show your friends and family how to take care of the Earth. Soon, they'll want to be like you!
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle