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See below for resource materials related to the course Our Earth's Future: Understanding Climate Science and Sea Level Rise

  • Explore how sea level rise will affect different parts of the world with NOAA's interactive viewer.
  • Want to know more about ENSO? This FAQ covers just about everything.
  • Almost-real-time data from the tropical Pacific are available via NOAA.
  • An article on what happens when “all the ice goes”.
  • Learn more from the NAS Arctic Matters booklet – specifically, the “Into the Future: Managing Change” section
  • ReadThe 5 Degree Arctic in a 2 Degree World briefing.
  • Climate Science – it’s really useful to understand how the climate works before trying to understand how it’s changing.
  • Impacts of Climate – why should you care that climate is changing?
  • Past Climate – this class is about the future, but it can help to look at the past as a guide.