Astronomy Online: From Sun to Sea Life

Part of Astronomy Online

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Apollo 16 view of the earth in space. Courtesy of NASA
How does Earth’s climate system impact its ecosystems?

This month's Astronomy Online is presented as part of EarthFest, the Museum's annual celebration of Earth Day.

Take a virtual flight around the world with Museum Curator Nathalie Goodkin in the Division of Earth and Planetary Sciences, and observe how our Sun, atmosphere, and ocean work together to create the weather we experience today and our climate over time.

Earth’s atmosphere, ocean, and climate evolved in ways that greatly impact life on our planet. From vantage points of satellites observing Earth, witness phenomena like the El Niño Southern Oscillation and learn about the deep-rooted connection between ocean currents and life.

Watch a recording of the livestream below, first aired on April 22, 2021. Or check out the complete playlist of Astronomy Online events.

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