Hackathon 2016: Hack the Stacks

Apply now for our 2016 hackathon: Hack The Stacks, November 18-20! This year we're solving challenges in text processing, computer vision, and search & retrieval for the museum research library. We'll be digging through the archives, exploring Darwin's manuscripts and field books from prior expeditions, and applying today's advanced technology to uncover the past.

Hack the Stacks

Check out the hackathon GitHub to learn more about Hack the Stacks challenges, online resources, and datasets.

Our past hackathons included Hack the Universe (astrophysics) in 2014 and Hack the Dinos (paleontology) in 2015. If you’re a previous participant, don’t sweat -- you’re on our email list! If you’d like to be added to the email list, drop us a line at bridgeuphackathon@amnh.org with the subject “Hackathon.”  Space is limited, and the event often fills up before it is announced to the general public. Don't delay!