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Hack the Deep

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Hackathon participants are seated with their laptops at tables inside the Museum's Hall of Ocean Life.
C. Chesek/© AMNH

The fourth annual hackathon ‘Hack the Deep’ took place during the weekend of February 9-11, 2018.

Over 130 developers, alongside 30 high school students, and four teachers worked over a 24 hour period to build solutions to nine challenges posed by the museum scientist and researchers. Working with these scientists, whose research centers on oceans, hackers solved a multitude of challenges related to different aspects of marine research being conducted at the museum. The research includes studying miniscule protists to the diversity of marine life in museum collections, to the physical processes of ocean currents and eddies and climate effects. The theme for this hackathon complemented the AMNH’s special exhibit on Unseen Oceans.


This program is part of BridgeUP: STEM, a new initiative educating youth and the public about cutting edge computing in scientific research and science communication. BridgeUP: STEM is generously supported by a grant from the Helen Gurley Brown Trust.